Business Enterprise Centres commenced operating in the eastern states in the1980’s and gradually grew as a network to cover every state and territory. Members of the network are entitled to use the distinctive trademarked BEC logo.

The philosophy of the BEC network has been and continues to be to provide, information, advice and assistance to business intenders and existing business owners so that they are well placed to develop their businesses as successful and profitable entities.

We seek to assist business owners reach their maximum potential and as a result this means that hopefully;

  • The net worth of a business is increased,
  • Jobs are created and
  • Goods and services are purchased within local communities which stimulates local economic development.

During our viability assessments with business intenders our centres also provide a valuable role in alerting people to issues that may adversely impact on their business proposition. We seek to avoid financial and relationship damage for our clients at all times.

Our members generally provide services at low cost. Whilst some initial consultations may be free it is not possible to provide ongoing free services. Any government funding to our network members is intended to support and extend our services and not fully fund our operations.

We encourage networking and our centres provide opportunities for business owners to interact and expand their business contacts.

Our members can apply for BEC Australia accreditation for their business advisers. This accreditation process provides clients with certainty that the advisors they are dealing with have practical experience and/or educational qualifications in small business.

Our services can best be summed up by saying that;

We may not know all the answers but we do know where to refer you to get the advice and information that is needed.